Chairman’s Statement

The promise of Africa has through our history hovered above us almost like an ideal, something wished for but unattainable, whereas the African land space is variously blessed in resources and abundant talent to fulfill this promise.

Over time, multidimensional dislocations have stymied the emergence of an integral and prosperous African collective.

Experiences from a pandemic have shown the emergence of a new world; limited by restrictions in movement of persons and goods, molded by changes in consumer behavior yet driven by rapid advances in technology, Africa is now challenged to strengthen her collective through stronger integration and greater intra-Africa trade.

Buoyed by the execution of the African Free Trade Agreement, and across Africa and beyond, a clear embrace of our common culture proudly expressed through our lifestyle and entertainment, Ancestral seeks to contribute to an economic and socially balanced and sustainable Africa.

It is humbling, excitingly challenging and a privilege to build this institution with the esteemed members of our governing board, and to manage Ancestral with our dedicated executive team, our partners and the network of brands East and West of Africa who continue to identify with the task of building the Africa of our dreams.

We are building an impressive track record of creating value and advancing the development of the continent—and its many economies.